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June 7th, 2024


Happy Friday! What was the highlight of your week? Tell me in the replies. Today, I’m covering another AI-powered video that helps you create potentially viral content much faster. But first…

The headlines: 

🧵 Shopify has acquired Threads — no, not the Instagram competitor to Twitter. 

🍎 Apple may announce a new AI system called “Apple Intelligence.”

🎨 Adobe is facing some backlash over its new terms of service. 

💸 Telegram has launched a new in-app currency for digital purchases.

This AI-powered video app wants to make it easier to go viral

Video editing software has looked more or less the same for the past decade. If you make videos for a living or hobby, you know what I’m talking about. A bin of content, a timeline, a preview screen, and space for effects and plugins.

While video editing software hasn’t changed much, video content itself has. It’s shorter and pumped out faster, a lot of it vertical, and oftentimes, it’s more than one person on camera, like on podcasts.

Originally launched in 2022 as a Mac App, the latest Detail update is pitched as a supercharged video tool for today’s content creators. It combines a camera with an AI-powered video editor that prioritizes features to help you quickly go from idea to potential viral video. 

Here’s the lowdown: 

Templates: Detail now provides ready-to-use templates for podcasters, reaction videos, and educational content, allowing creators to start professional-looking projects immediately. You can edit these by adding live effects and virtual backgrounds instead of a greenscreen.

Text-based editing: Similar to Descript’s Underlord tool. Detail lets you easily edit your video on your phone by chopping and changing the text. So, no more fidgeting with inaccurate timelines.

Multi-Device Recording: Detail supports multi-camera setups, allowing for synchronized multi-angle recordings, which is ideal for creating polished YouTube vlogs or Instagram Reels. You can then combine the two videos in any layout.

Cinematic Effects: What if you want your video to look like Oppenheimer? AI can quickly generate filters based on your favorite movies and shows and apply them to your video.

Captions and clips: Once you’re happy with your video, you can quickly add AI-powered captions to ensure your content is clear across whatever platform you post on. I mean, we all watch TikTok without sound from time to time. It will also cut up your clip into bite-sized chunks, which is good for viral content across different platforms.

Check it out
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