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Apple to get rid of emoji keyboard in 2018
A world without emoji. Imagine that. How will we communicate our feelings and express emotions when the written word is all we've got.

Apple is not getting rid of emoji (that was a thinking exercise), but take a second to think of how indispensable emojis have become. We're seeing the modern "universal language" evolve right before our eyes, with new additions, style changes, and new emoji apps coming out every day.

There's an emoji URL shortener, emoji analysis for your tweets, emojilytics for all tweets in real-time, emoji domain-registration, and even an emoji-based programming language.

Today, we're excited to have Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge join us on Product Hunt Live. Jeremy is also the creator of World Emoji Day, and is a member of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (the people who decide which new emojis get added).

Ask Jeremy anything today at 10 AM PST. Before that, you can watch Jeremy's recent TED Talk, or get your question in early if you find the secret Emoji Request Hotline.

P.S. All new emoji requests should be in the form of a question (party parrot, please?)
Emoji Request Hotline
Happy #StarWarsDay! Impress your co-workers and friends by creating your own (emoji inclusive) Star Wars Intro, as we've done here
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