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❤ this thing. Came across Emoji Tracker while doing research for a new product we're working on. Thought y'all might like this too.
Creator of the project here. Happy to answer any questions.
@mroth Hey Matthew, thanks for jumping in. What inspired you to create emoji tracker? Also, is it possible to see most popular emojis by year or month? Curious to know if it's very different from the realtime results or if it's pretty consistent over time.
@robjama currently there is no historical data, only realtime -- it's something I've wanted to do for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. anecdotally though, the main trends are pretty consistent, but there are seasonal/event-driven spikes, such emoji corresponding to large broadcast sporting events, etc.
@mroth ha this is really cool. nice work. btw, no twitter API rate limiting?
@mroth Would love to see some sort of graphs!
Amazing! It's the Matrix for Emoji!
Loving this. Fascinating to see the most/least popular!