An emoji based programming language

#4 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2016
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Andrew Love
Andrew Love@andrewtlove · Tinkerer, armchair philosopher, futurist
I’ve often asked myself “How can I make this less readable and harder to comprehend” when coding something. This is a step in the right direction.
Maxim Ananov
Maxim Ananov@pointum · Distraction Dimmer • HazeOver.com
Finally, a programming language worthy of pharaohs 👑
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams@xcadaverx
How can someone have this much free time?! I can barely figure out how to solve my own projects problems, let alone build a novelty language. Neat - but I could never use this.
Cody Krainock
Cody Krainock@_codyjoseph · Software Engineer, Flexport
Moving my entire stack to Emojicode ASAP.
mollyisyou@mollyisyou · Unknownforyou
this is a big step into something brilliant and unknown. this i belive will lead us to a open internet that can be manipulated by everyone with or without coding knowledge :) I appreciate that i live to see this transformation :-)