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August 21st, 2023


This cafe uses AI to monitor its staff efficiency and the length of stay of customers. 🫣 Thoughts?


Feedback from millions in minutes

Since Kraftful’s shift from the IoT space in February, founder/CEO Yana Welinder has been making waves. She’s been featured on Reid Hoffman’s ‘Masters of Scale’ and in a Fast Company roundup of “San Francisco cool kids racing to build AI’s next big thing.”

In addition, product teams from tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Netflix, Canva, Dropbox, Atlassian, and LinkedIn have all adopted Kraftful. Following their rigorous testing, Kraftful’s latest iteration launches today.

Copilot for product builders: It’s a tool that connects to multiple qualitative feedback sources — think Zendesk, Intercom, Delighted — to aggregate input from your clients into actionable, AI-generated summaries, sent daily, weekly, or monthly, to your inbox or Slack. It also creates AI-written user stories complete with acceptance criteria, which can be synced to Jira, Linear, Trello, or wherever dev work gets done.

Kraftful, which raised 1M back in 2020, originally aimed to help smart home companies make better apps. The company counts Google Assistant Investments Program among their backers, along with YC, F7 Ventures, Cleo Capital, and a number of other angel investors.

A GPT-enabled innovation spillover: “Pivoting was hard but the time (and tech) was right,” says ‘One Knight in Product’ podcast host Jason Knight, who interviewed Welinder pre- and post her pivot from IoT to AI-powered product development. “Yana was solving a problem she deeply cared about, but when ChatGPT hit primetime she realized she could solve an even more important problem.”

Building beyond NPS
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