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December 27th, 2018

Yesterday’s Instagram drama

ICYMI, Instagram caused some drama on the Internet yesterday.

The Facebook-owned app briefly switched to a horizontal feed (like the tap-to-advance layout in Stories), but then later confirmed that the rollout was actually bug.

In reaction, phrases like “purely evil” and “end of days” were thrown around. A conspiracy theory also hatched, claiming that Instagram purposefully rolled out the new format to test its reception.

“So did we just find out why the Instagram founders quit?” - Shira

“I’m not even joking this new Instagram UI discriminates against left handed people.” - Nate

Everyone’s complaining they’ve replaced Instagram’s timeline with a tappy thing, but really this is YOUR fault for not spending enough Quality Engagement Time on the main Facebook app and threatening the company’s advertising revenue.” - Jim

Regardless, it has been previously reported that Instagram is testing a new tap-to-advance feed. The company could be trying to reduce mindless scrolling. Or expand on the success of the format for Stories. Or make more money. 🤷‍

The news comes on the heels of Twitter's new “sparkle button”, so a shakeup to the algorithmic feed may be in store for the 'gram in the near future. 😏

In the meantime, here are 10 tools to play around with on Instagram:

Auto Publish is a sleeek little tool that lets you schedule posts in advance 👏

Instagram.css is a complete set of Instagram filters in pure CSS 👀

Auditor lets marketers check influencers' accounts for fake followers 🔎

Nite Mode for Instagram is exactly what it sounds like 🌚

Maps for Instagram lets you see your pics on a map of the world 🌎

Unfold gives you minimal templates for creating gorgeous Stories

Blockai lets you claim Insta copyrights with a hashtag 💪

Prime helps you calculate the best time to post on Instagram ⏰

Top Nine for Instagram finds your best nine Insta moments from 2018 📸

Buffer Stories Creator helps you create beautiful Stories on Instagram 🙌

More Insta Apps ✨

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👀 What the West can learn from China 

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