Buffer Stories Creator is a free, lightweight, desktop tool to create thumb-stopping content for Stories. You’re able to create the foundation of your Stories content with text, graphics, and a background image or color. Once you’ve created your content and are ready to post your Story, simply upload your image(s) to Facebook or Instagram.

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 I’m pumped to share a little something the Buffer marketing team built for ourselves that we hope other marketers and businesses will enjoy, too. Buffer Stories Creator is a free, quick, and lightweight way to create and download images for your Facebook and Instagram Stories - helping you lay the foundation of your Stories with customizable text, graphics, and a background image or color. We love using it to add our branding to our Stories, and keep them in a consistent style. It’s super easy to download the images you create (no sign-up or sign-in needed) so that you can add them to your Stories when the time is right for you. With over 500 million combined daily active users on Facebook and Instagram, Stories are an amazing opportunity for brands and businesses to connect with their audience and we’re excited about making it easier and faster to plan out Stories content. It’d be awesome to hear what you think and feel free to ask any questions! 😄 EDIT: Thanks for all the great questions! I just wanted to mention that we don't quite have this working on mobile just yet. Right now you can check it out on your desktop or tablet. Thank you! Cheers, Mike (and the Buffer team!)
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@mike_eck no scheduling?
@imrnhdr Not at this stage but hopefully in the future! 🙂🤞
Love 'thumb-stopping'
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@bentossell Hehe thanks Ben. I might be wrong but I think we owe some gratitude to Marie Forleo for introducing us to that phrase! @brian_peters1
@bentossell @mike_eck Ahh yes! Love that word as well. :) Yup, that one goes to Marie Forleo!
Super cool and needed!!! One thing -> have you thought about integrating Unsplah. It would save us so much time! Thanks for such a great web app!
@gzampino Hi Gabriela! Yes, what a great suggestion. This was quite high on our wish list and was one of the toughest things to cut as we reduced scope. That being said, it could very well be one of the first things we add on the roadmap! Thanks for the validation. 🙌
@gzampino @kevanlee 👀Thanks, Gabriela! Definitely top 3 on the roadmap! Really appreciate you giving the tool a try :)

Makes creating custom visuals as frictionless as can be. Thank you Buffer.


awesome application that i needed badly for all my social.


no cons here:)

Nice to see a simple "does one thing well" app for a usecase many brands and businesses have. 🙌
@shawnroos Thanks so much for the kind words!