Night Mode for Instagram

Get the dark mode for Instagram on the web 🌚πŸ–₯️

Enjoy Instagram web in the new night blue colors and protect your eyes

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7 Reviews4.0/5

I use Dark Reader for all websites but it actually hides some interface elements on IG and this doesn't. I would have preferred a dark gray or black theme though, not blue. Maybe offer a way to customize it?


Works, simple to use, cute extension icon, doesn't break interface.


Blue color

Thank you Anna for the review! I really appreciate the feedback, we are working on customization and adding more features, updates are coming soon! πŸ™‚πŸ™
That's good but you can get the same from using Stylish/Stylus and userStyles, plus you can configure it to your needs.
@frenchie_m Thank you for the comment, I think Stylus is targeting a bit more advanced users, here we aim to target the normal user who wants something that just works.
I love dark interfaces, a very cool project!
This is long overdue. In this day and age every app & website should offer dark modes. But glad its one step towards that. Well done.
Thank you @jonasalmut πŸ™