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February 15th, 2017

Facebook takes on LinkedIn! πŸ‘€
You can now apply for a job directly on Facebook! All your embarrassing photos should now be posted on LinkedIn.

Starting today, businesses can post job openings to their Facebook Page. This is Facebook's latest move to get into the workplace, having recently launched Workplace, a Slack competitor.

If you're not sure if you should quit your job and find something new, there's a site for that. If you're looking for the best jobs, here you go. If you're looking to hire top engineers and designers within just two weeks, try A-List. ✌️
Facebook Jobs
NEW from Google:Β TensorFlow is a new open-source software library for Machine Intelligence. It's faster, more flexible, andΒ more production-ready than ever.Β πŸ™
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AI builders: There's a new security standard in town and you'll need to find out what it is, if you need it, and how it works.

ISO 42001 was introduced by the International Standards Organization so that companies can demonstrate their security practices around AI in a verifiable way.

Join Vanta and A-LIGN in a live webinar to learn about...

  • The components of ISO 42001. Understand it and its relevance.
  • Whether you need it. Kearn who benefits from it and how ISO 42001 ensures operational excellence in AI.
  • Best practices and strategies for successfully integrating ISO 420001.