A-List is the place to hire top engineers, designers and salespeople within 2 weeks.

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AngelList has become one of the best places to find top tech talent. If I'm not mistaken, the initial job board was a side project and now recruiting has become a core part of their business and strategy. More in @nivi's blog post announcement.
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Hey PH & @rrhoover -- thanks for posting! After 5 years of testing what works/doesn't work with thousands of growing startups on AngelList Talent, we've learned a lot about startup recruiting. Using that knowledge, we built A-List – the fastest way for startups to hire awesome candidates. We think we've built some really cool, genuinely new technology – from candidate matching algorithms to scheduling chatbots (!) – to make recruiting much less painful! We're super excited to share A-List with you, and would love your feedback if you're currently hiring engineers or designers in the SF Bay area or NYC. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!
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@lexilewtan @rrhoover Angellist is where we go over for our startup hiring. Worked every time. Great job guys.
Loves me some A-Listers. This product is really solid & still pretty undiscovered. I recommend it on a regular basis to companies who are resource constrained and need to hire great people fast. Disclosure: I work at AngelList…but not on the talent team, so I don't represent the product team here.
This has gotta be way better than traditional recruitment processes at the moment! (I think the recruitment sector is overfilled as it is) Recruiting may be a prime sector to be influenced by AI!! $10k may seem steep initially but I guess it's weighing up the 10k in one chunk or a slice every month to a recruiter....up to companies to do the maths.
@bentossell if a company has 10 other employees and is burning $100k a month, each month you don't hire you're also spending time/money. I'm my opinion, a big mistake startups make is not spending money to accelerate when money will solve problems. Recruiting is a great example of an area where startups are way too reticent to spend even after they have the money in the bank and need the people. Ramen habits die hard…
@bentossell given many other recruiters charge ~20% of the first year's salary, $10k is a good price imho, especially given the kind of results that I'm seeing people get from AngelList (above and beyond anything else on the market)
@_jacksmith yeah thats my point :)
@_jacksmith @bentossell People work out product value different than services though. It is miles cheaper than an agency, but I reckon it will be more compared to linked pro, job board posting etc. I think they've actually hit a pretty decent price point but only time will tell :)
@bentossell Recruitment sector is filled with duds though. People are focusing on solving the wrong problem I think in recruitment. Finding people is hard, yeah, but the wider view is building a sweet culture straight away and talent that fits will seek you out, not the other way around.
Looks good, price point I think will be an issue. When I made Yudoozy, it was much cheaper than a recruiter fee but people judge products differently. Keen to see how it goes but angelist is friggin awesome so I'm sure it will be killer :) top work guys,
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