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December 9th, 2018

Bringing sexy back to Wordpress

Last week, Wordpress released 5.0, the latest version of its platform that includes a new block editor dubbed “Gutenberg.” The new editor's features are largely centered around customizable content blocks, and is ultimately intended to help site owners better decide how content is displayed.

Here was the reaction from the Product Hunt community, including a note from Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg:

“It’s amazing to see this out there in the wild after years of hard work. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work with the team that makes WordPress, and Gutenberg is an expression of their empathy, talent, vision, and persistence.” - Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg

“As a core contributing developer of WordPress, I am super excited about Gutenberg. It's an audacious project built on top of JavaScript/React.js. This cutting edge editing experience is going to make building content with WordPress an excellent experience (if not now then in a year or so from now).” - Ahmad

“For realz, this new release is about 'bringing sexy back" to WordPress.' - Adam

Wordpress owns a 60 percent market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS and powers over 30 percent of the web (!) — from sites like TechCrunch to the official Star Wars blog. ⚡️

Fifteen-year old Wordpress got its start as an open source blogging platform for developers, and gained popularity among entrepreneurs building their first site, blog or landing page.

Since Wordpress’ introduction in 2003, several competitors have emerged. 🙌

Squarespace ($278.5M raised) was founded in 2003 to help people create websites with pre-built templates, and is now known for its clean design and popularity among artist and designer types. In 2017, Mailchimp announced Landing Pages, allowing users to create beautiful, customizable, and mobile-friendly landing pages directly in Mailchimp.

Carrd also launched on Product Hunt earlier this year to help people build one-page sites. Of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug Ship landing pages, the easiest way to setup a landing page and start collecting email signups for your side project or startup. 😻

The new Wordpress

ICYMI: Since Tumblr's announcement last week that it would be removing all adult content from its site, creators have been frantically searching for a new space to house their NSFW art and porn blogs. A few options have emerged, including community-first social media blogging platform 👀

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