#1 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2018

WordPress 5.0 introduces a block-based editor that offers a streamlined editing experience. The new editor is better at inserting media content and rearranging any type of content. Each piece of content is in its own block, which is meant to help site owners decide how content is displayed.

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It’s amazing to see this out there in the wild after years of hard work. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work with the team that makes WordPress, and Gutenberg is an expression of their empathy, talent, vision, and persistence.
@photomatt please clarify there is a still need for theme-ing, right? Are there a multicolumn layouts or variations of blocks like in http://tilda.cc ?
@photomatt Congratulations on this release and for influencing this much needed change!
@photomatt I really love wordpress, been using it for ages... but why not make a lite version of wordpress, similar to medium.com's that would focus on blogging, which just drag and drop. No bells, no whistles... just pure bliss of writing/publishing like in the old days?
As a dev I LOVE-LOVE Wordpress but I really wish the people at WP actually looked at our reviews/feedback a little more. The new editor "Gutenberg" has 2.5 stars on your website see here https://wordpress.org/plugins/gu... (please don't delete this) I wish you took the time to look at our concerns a little more it seems like some of our issues were overlooked. You have a strong community which was built on communication and if thousands of devs are having issues I feel like you should try to reassure us a little more. Hope we can all work towards something we're all happy with.
@helloromero Howdy, we decided to develop Gutenberg in public as a plugin first, and actually did 46 major releases and iterations of it over the last year and a half. Some of those early alpha and beta versions were rough! And people reviewed them appropriately. The other thing that brought the directory rating down is a vocal minority of users decided to use it to try to "vote" against Gutenberg coming into core, which distorted the reviews. We left all those up and in fact have replied to nearly every single review for Gutenberg that's come in since the plugin launched. Despite that, Gutenberg was the fastest growing plugin in WP's history and out-paced the Classic Editor plugin we also created. In numbers reflecting what people do, not just what they were saying, the results have been incredibly positive. Speaking of what people do, WP 5.0 has passed 2M downloads now!
@photomatt I completely understand and I’m sure your teams are genuinely trying to make things better. We only got a few days notice that 5.0 was going live :( Some of the top plugins for WP are not even ready and have tweeted that it was too sudden (Yoast SEO and AFC to name a few) this leaves a lot of things broken from our clients point of view. Take a look at the comments under the 5.0 post https://make.wordpress.org/core/... Again I “LOVE-LOVE” Wordpress and will continue to use it of course. It’s changed my life and has given me an amazing career so I hope I don’t sound like a moaning granddad lol I look forward to the future of WP and I hope things get better in the coming weeks.
@photomatt @helloromero This was something that had no marketing plan. It was another top down decision that was hatched as an answer to some obvious competitive and strategic problems mounting for WP and developed in iterations as a way to force it down people's throats by the drop and to develop a product by making a thousand mistakes, failing fast and jumping from fire to fire and apologize or rationalize afterwards. It's Matt's management style. "Like it or lump it," with a bit of mob rule involved. WordPress uses a socialist structure more than democratic, in the way things are done and how it operates.
@helloromero @photomatt For those that don't want it, use the Classic Editor plugin addon first. Then, the Classic Editor. Your site will then prompt you to download wp 5 and my site remained perfect. I did do it in staging first. That might speak to reason downloads are high. Thankful I didn't have to deal with it. Good luck.
"The editor nobody asked for and no one deserves" coming to a Wordpress near you.

As a core contributing developer of WordPress, I am super excited about Gutenberg. It's an audacious project built on top of JavaScript/React.js. This cutting edge editing experience is going to make building content with WordPress an excellent experience (if not now then in a year or so from now).


Gutenberg: The new JS based editing experience 👌


Content migrations from the classic editor is going to be tough but fruitful.

While blocks are a nice concept, there seems to be a lack of flow... When you're writing, you want to continue that flow... now I have to "think" about what block I need. You could think about a default writing note/plane and include blocks as a way to improve the content... but not as the main content.
Wow, we are literally all at ground zero of the future of the internet. [hype] WordPress was already the most open platform to build on, but with this new blocks concept, you can now build like never before. Blocks are about making everything easier to use Blocks are about making WordPress a tool for everyone Blocks are about opening doors to a new generation of users Blocks are about the future... [/hype] For realz, this new release is about "bringing sexy back" to WordPress. Bravo to WordPress's commitment to making the internet easier to build on. It's kinda hard to "Democratize Publishing" if the tools exclude non-techies ;-). Blocks have the potential to change that.