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Time flies when you’re launching products. 

It’s voting week for the Golden Kitty Awards, and we can’t wait to see who will take the trophies home this year. 

Let the voting begin!

Last week, many of you nominated the products you loved most in 2022. So many that you broke a record! Spoiler alert: you had a lot to say about AI. 

We tallied up tens of thousands of nominations and have now opened voting across ALL 24 categories. Head over to the voting page here and pick your winners. Who knows, you might find your next favorite design tool or mobile app while you’re at it.  

FYI, this year you can also vote on-the-go, from our mobile apps

A quick reminder on how this works: You have until Friday, January 20, at 11:59 pm PT to cast your votes. On January 24, we’ll find out who’s taking the trophies home. 

What else? This year’s edition of the Golden Kitty Awards will be slightly different. We wanted to make sure winners from throughout the years get honored and etched in GKA history, so we built their very own Hall of Fame

You can visit it here, take a trip down memory lane, and see what were the best products of 2015-2021. 

Any predictions for who’s going to snag Product of the Year? 👀 

Let us know. 

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  • More tech nostalgia: Sony launched The New Walkman, a reimagined version of the 1979 music player, and it’s looking slick. Worth the splurge?

  • AI is coming for your voice. FineVoice lets you add sound effects and customize your voice. 

  • NARAY.ONE lets you enter the name of any location on Earth (your home village or favorite city) and get a catalog of clothing dedicated to that place.

  • GradienMood generates CSS gradients based on the mood you input (happy, sad, excited).

  • Recommendix uses an AI quiz tool to help your customers make purchase decisions quicker and easier. 

  • Sheriff is a Slack bot that helps you find who to talk to, automatically answering questions or mentioning relevant people who can help. Add it to the list we shared last week. 

  • Caena is a deal flow automation tool for startups and investors. Startups can use it to identify investors, create financial models and charts, and investors can use it to filter and source companies they want to invest in.