Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 10th, 2023


Layoffs continue to hit tech hard: Crypto’s PR disaster intensifies with Coinbase’s second round of layoffs taking out 20% of its team.

Meanwhile, Virgin’s rockets are falling from the sky (along with its share price).

May we forever live in such interesting times.

Like Figma for conversational interfaces

Pre-pandemic, optimizing apps for voice assistants like Alexa was all anybody could talk about.

Voiceflow got their start around the same time, along with a $3.5 million in funding (that would grow to $24M over 3 rounds by 2021).

CEO and co-founder Braden Ream’s vision was to help teams create voice apps without code (check out the demo Ream made to have Alexa read Product Hunt’s top products).

“Fast forward 3.5 years and Voiceflow is the industry standard tool for 100K+ conversation designers specializing in conversational interfaces,” claims Ream.

For the uninitiated, VoiceFlow is a drag-and-drop platform that can be used to “design conversations” and collaborate in real-time. Using aesthetic workflow templates, users can orchestrate, test, and ship chat and voice assistants at scale. VoiceFlow’s client list already includes big name players like Spotify, PayPal and Google.

Today, Ream and team are expanding with the launch of Voiceflow WhatsApp GPT-3 Assistants: a WhatsApp integration built to be modular and tech-agnostic. It includes new AI Assist features to create smarter and faster chatbots, “thanks to ChatGPT.”

“This is only the start of the AI Assistant revolution, and we should all have amazing design tools to craft jaw dropping conversational experiences,” says Ream.

“We'd love to hear what you think! There's so much more coming from Voiceflow, this is truly just the start.”Share your feedback with the team.

Design convos with AI