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Product Hunt Rewind is here
Satya 1, Sundar ?
Now taking bets: How long will it take Google to answer Microsoft’s play to add ChatGPT to Bing? ♟️
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See what you contributed to tech in 2022

You've been asking for it for years. We finally did it.

We pulled together all of your Product Hunt stats into a pretty package — your Product Hunt Rewind is here!

We’re really biased, but in many ways, we think it’s even cooler than finding out that you listened to a lot of Goblincore Hyperpop Wave last year, whatever that is.

Why? Because it shows what you contributed to the community. Your upvotes helped the best new ideas of 2022 get seen. Your comments and feedback helped make those ideas better. You set trends instead of letting them go by.

Go see what you accomplished. Share your Rewind on Twitter too for the chance to pick up some Product Hunt goodies.

Then let’s make 2023 count.

Cat Nips
Makers Corner
Reminder: Sell value, not specs
Decks is a limitless catalog of compelling pitch deck designs makers and founders can use to sell their ideas, and Sales Dialer for iOS is a tool prospecting teams can use to double their number of outgoing calls by automating sales processes and campaigns.
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