Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 21st, 2018

Y Combinator reveals its Top 100 startups
Last week, Michael Seibel, Y Combinator CEO and guest on the illustrious Product Hunt Radio podcast, revealed the top 100 YC companies by valuation.

“Most people know that Dropbox and Airbnb are YC companies, but they might be surprised by many of the other companies on the list.”

More than 28K jobs and $100B in enterprise value was created from these 100 companies. Impressive. Top of the list:

1. Airbnb. The $30B traveling platform continues to expand globally and introduce new features like Experiences.

2. Stripe. Earlier this year the company raised another $245M and introduced Issuing to make credit card issuing easy.

3. Cruise. Acquired by GM in 2016, the autonomous vehicle company may have sold too soon, considering their most recent valuation puts it at $14B.

Explore the full list here. 💥
YC's Top 100
"This is the biggest thing we’ve done since the pull request." 😮

GitHub Actions launched last week to help developers automate their entire development workflows. Instead of jumping between ten different services every time you want run a workflow, you can set up an Action once. It's like having a magic code butler do all of the boring stuff, so you can focus on building.

But perhaps even more important: GitHub's new avatar creator. 😯