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December 8th, 2016

Your nine best Instagram photos of 2016 📷🎉
Last year's most viral product is back. With the click of a button, 2016BestNine generates a shareable collage of your 9 most liked Instagram pics of the year (some of which you probably forgot).

You can also browse the most popular moments from your friends, celebs, and favorite beverage brands like the time...

Kevin Systrom met Hillary and the Pope this year 😮
LaCroix built a LaCroix home for a cat 🐱
Snoop Dogg smoked something NSFW 🍃
Chris Messina ate an entire hashtag cake 🍰

Add your 2016BestNine to the thread here and we’ll share them throughout the day on Twitter.
2016 Best Nine 📷
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