Instant voice and screen sharing from your Mac MenuBar

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Love the simplicity of this, @robinraszka. Could be very useful for distributed teams (like ours).
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Hello, I'm super excited to share Beam βeta exclusively with the PH community and give you all an early access 🙊 Our small team is working remotely (Prague, NYC) and we needed a better way how to quickly ask & show something while working on our projects without leaving the current work so we build Beam! :) It took almost 2 years to get where we are now. The big difference is that if you are available, anyone can talk to you instantly, there is no picking up or scheduling the call prior on Slack etc. Just click and talk on autopilot. Currently in the βeta we support group calls up to 10 and screen sharing in 2 person call but we will have group screen sharing ready this weekend (hopefully :)) I hope you will like Beam, I'll be here all day so let me know if you have any questions or feedback! 🙏 Thanks UPDATE: We have disabled ALL the invite features via Slack. Just tell your coworkers to download Beam and sign in with Slack to join the team. Update is coming. UPDATE 2: A new version that fixes this behavior was just deployed.
@robinraszka that made it seem like Beam Bot would *not* post in our general after this update, and that sure wasn't the case just now...
@mike_flores23 That must have been an older version! Sorry again, but it was fixed already.
Love the idea of this. Installed it and connected to our Slack channel (large team 300+ members). Clicked the "send invites" button so i could invite some of the other designers to try it out. It proceeds to PM EVERY SINGLE MEMBER in the Slack Team. This was unexpected and was forced to quit the app to hopefully prevent further embarrassment. Scared to open the app back up and try it out. :(
@brdrck Shit, sorry about that! I will make it even more clear what it does! I hope you try it again at some point.
@brdrck yeah that happened to us too and it really soured me on the company.
Was excited about the product so signed up using Slack. Beam then proceeded to spam my companies (200+ employees) #general channel saying that I had signed up for their service. We only use this channel for company wide messages. Absolutely uncalled for, and a first for me. Seriously, wtf?
@jt_ffffff I understand and I'm sorry for inconvenience, we're going to improve this behavior but keep in mind that this is Beta, it's clearly written on the site and in the product and when you sign in with Slack, you specifically give us permissions to do this so we're not doing anything shady here. Other teams like this feature as everybody can easily join Beam and you don't have to move a finger.
@robinraszka I failed to see any of this messaging while signing up, so if it's there it should be highlighted much more visually. I'm sure I won't be the only one to miss it and it was a really shitty feeling to spam my entire company.
@jt_ffffff Well, it was there when you signed in with Slack, and there is nothing I can do about how the messaging looks on Slack website but we will fix it on our end.
@robinraszka @jt_ffffff was this maybe because in your use case when developing was just for a small team? Sounds like a few very large teams are having problems with this feature
@petejacobson @jt_ffffff It's made for small teams, that's our target market. We are not sending anything without you clicking first so I will add extra confirmation alert in the next version, that should fix that.
This looks interesting! I'm signing up.
@dubstrike That's awesome! let me know if you have any questions or feedback!