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Investing in solar panels
This app lets you online invest in solar panels

Looking at your investment portfolio may trigger debilitating anxiety right now. We get it and we’re intrigued by this product that we saw launch yesterday.

Legends Solar lets you buy equity ownership in real, operating commercial solar panels. The platform was built to help those who would like to install solar panels but can’t because they live in a city or are renting. If you’re thinking about taking a break from coins and stocks, or want to help the environment while making some cash, it might interest you.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. Once you purchase a panel (or a rooftop's worth) you can start tracking your investment on the Legend Rooftop monitoring software. That’s where you’ll be able to see how much cash your panels are generating and withdraw through monthly dividends.

Legends is currently beta testing the product with private investors who are looking to invest $100k in each solar panel but are planning to open it to the public soon. You can currently claim early access and reserve a panel here.

Other tools we’ve seen recently might help you make new investments and keep track of existing ones:

Trading Across Brokerages by Front lets you see and trade all your assets in one place.

Deciml automatically rounds up your online transactions and invests the spare change.

With Backed you can invest in private companies and benefit as they grow with CompanyCoins.

  • Founders, PMs, and growth leads, Lenny Rachitsky launched Lenny’s Podcast where he interviews product leaders and growth experts.

  • BitsForDigits 2.0 lets you advertise a full or partial sale of your startup ($100K+ revenue) to hundreds of vetted acquirers.

  • Chestr is a Chrome extension that lets you save products from multiple online stores in one universal cart.

  • Unicorn Dev helps you hire highly-vetted senior developers and designers that are assigned in 24 hours, at a flat rate of $35/hour.


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FocusFlag is like the physical equivalent of turning on Do-Not-Disturb, or setting your status as "away."
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