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May 25th, 2022

Getting your (financial) life together

“In shows like Billions, really wealthy people have advisors following them around, helping them optimize every single decision - that's what this feels like. Elite guard rails and life hacks.” reads one of Uprise’s testimonials. Billions? Life hacks? Color us intrigued.

Uprise looks at your full financial picture and provides advice on your tax strategy, the best accounts (i.e. credit cards) for your use case, and how much to save and invest to hit your goals. It also analyzes your employer benefits to ensure you’re taking full advantage of them. After sharing your situation, it uses automated processes as well as human experts to make sure recommendations are viable for you.

The makers behind the product have backgrounds in finance and payroll, which makes them particularly mindful of security and privacy issues, sharing that they “retain only as much data as needed and only for as long as is required to provide our services.” Jessica Chen Riolfi previously worked at Robinhood, Wise, and Earnin, while Chris Goodmacher was employee #2 at Justworks.

A few days ago we also saw Claritus launch, with a focus on those who are actively investing and looking to organize and track their assets. The tool provides automatic integrations with over 17,000 financial institutions and dynamic reporting, whether we’re talking stocks, crypto, or options.

But if you’re simply looking to move away from spreadsheets, see where your money goes, and manage it, Habitual Money and Avocado Finance are worth looking into. Or, get some inspiration from the community.

Show me the money
  • The makers behind Typefully are launching to create images for your tweets and help you maintain a consistent style.

  • Adding Paste Keyboard to your iOS keyboard gives you access to everything you've copied on any of your devices.

  • Vibetoon helps you create music videos using vivid animations and custom characters.

  • Free Podcast Website Builder generates a website from your podcast using your RSS feed.

Softr: Lego meets no-code
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