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Thanks for pulling us into the hunt, @Shpigford Hey, I'm Isaac, the founder of Justworks. We started Justworks to help startups because, quite frankly, starting a company is a hassle. You can't get access to good benefits, you end up with payroll solutions that suck, and you have to deal with government requirements that will make your head explode. We've changed that. Justworks groups companies to help them give their employees access to big-company benefits and software they'll actually want to use. (Your team won't have to install Internet Explorer just to view their pay stubs.) If that's not enough, we'll help lower your blood pressure by paying and filing your employer taxes so that you never have to call the State again. I'm available to answer any questions about payroll, benefits, and HR. I know this stuff can make founders queasy but I live to talk about it. I'm on Twitter @ioates and @JustworksHR.
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@ioates @Shpigford @ioates @JustworksHR I disagree with not being able to get access to goo benefits as a small startup. We're just three people, but because were all in our mid-twenties, the plans we were able to get were very good and reasonable.
@ioates Love the idea.. had a similar one a while back as I used to work for one of the biggest enterprise companies doing this... one thing that we always got hung up on was the payroll module... it's really complex. Would be curious to understand how you (and not even zen payroll) got setup in all 50 states?
We've been using them at @Baremetrics (at 6 people now!) and they've been fantastic. We have a fully remote team and it's been absurdly easy to get those people on payroll and compliant in their own states/counties.
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@Shpigford @Baremetrics This looks pretty interesting. You're setting up benefits through them? Decent coverage and rates?
@nathanpalmer @Baremetrics We don't offer health benefits at the moment. Using Justworks for payroll and compliance stuff, but when we do offer benefits we'll go through them. :)
@nathanpalmer @Shpigford @Baremetrics We can help you get health benefits, often discounted from small group! Just contact us so we can get you a quote.
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@Shpigford @nathanpalmer @Baremetrics did you check out ZenPayroll if you're not using benefits. How does this compare? I've heard ZenPayroll is the best payroll tool out there.
@_jacksmith @nathanpalmer Yeah, but ZenPayroll doesn't support all 50 states, plus Justworks has a bunch of other HR stuff outside of just payroll (compliance, benefits, etc).
We LOVE justworks at @TanookiLabs - we wouldn't be where we are if they hadn't made it incredibly easy to deal with a fluid staff of local and remote freelancers and fulltimers! They're awesome.
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@ericskiff @TanookiLabs Thanks Eric! You are one of our best use cases--distributed teams really benefit from how we manage payroll taxes.
Chiming in because I too love @justworksHR, they have saved me so much time and stress when getting employees setup for @sched. Their interface is easy to use and their support (Hi Ryan!) is amazing too. They are going to be huge.
@gtmcknight @justworksHR @sched Thanks! I am glad Ryan & co are taking good care of you.
@gtmcknight Thanks Taylor, you the man
Justworks is the best payroll product not enough people know about.
@TO Thanks Trevor, I have the same thought daily.