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May 9th, 2022

Juked sets its sights on inclusivity in eSports

Do Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch chat create a toxic environment?

Not necessarily, we presume, but it depends on the bubble you’re in and how much time you spend in it. For one e-sports community, creating a healthy place for discussion was important enough to put a stake in the ground.

We’re talking about Juked, the esports app that launched two years ago to aggregate everything you need to follow esports into one place. The app was co-founded by Chris Chan and Ben Goldhaber (aka "ChanManV" and "FishStix"), the latter of whom was also a founding team member at Twitch. Juked's new community grew quickly to start, reaching 50,000 monthly unique users. The startup also crowdfunded over $1M from on Republic last year.

Like all founders though, Goldhaber and Chan have been challenged to keep the momentum going. So, they spoke to their community.

“[We] discovered an even bigger problem: most esports fans (by our count, 75%) don't have a core group of friends to discuss the esports matches… So they rely on general use social media platforms… And as we all know, these platforms can be incredibly toxic, incredibly fragmented, and not conducive for nuanced conversations,” Goldhaber explained.

Juked’s new launch today signifies its adapted mission which is to connect likeminded esports fans in inclusive and accessible environment, and reduce toxicity in online discussion.

According to Alex Wilhem of TechCrunch, Juked plans to accomplish this through human moderation with AI in the future, in addition to its current onboarding processes which require users to sign up with a phone number and agree to terms that emphasize their community goals.

Would a healthy and inclusive environment lure you onto a new eSports community online? Share your thoughts with Goldhaber and Chan.

To healthy eSports chats
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