Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 2nd, 2018

This $1B company suddenly shut down 😮 is shutting down.

They were acquired last year by Chinese social-giant Bytedance, who owns and operates international competitor Tik Tok for a reported $1B.

Tik-tok was the #1 most downloaded app globally in the first quarter of 2018. The karaoke-esque 15 second video-sharing app was downloaded over 45,000,000 times in the first three months of 2018. That's more downloads than Snapchat, Spotify, and Gmail...combined. 😮
Tik Tok originally launched as a lip-syncing app named Douyin, complete with Snapchat-like video effects and a a built in social network. It reminds us of when we spent all weekend playing with Mac Photo Booth effects.

All of's 100M users will be transitioned over to Tik Tok in an attempt to bring their entire userbase under one roof. 😢

We're sad to see go, but this wasn't a huge surprise. Bytedance killed's livestreaming app in early June, despite its massive popularity among 26M+ users.

Sunrise, Mailbox, and now – all of our favorite apps eventually shut down. Come pay your respects at the Startup Graveyard. ⚰️🥀
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