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According to the Wall Street Journal – was just acquired for as much as $1 Billion 😮🎶👏

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Antonis Tsagaris@antonis_tsagari · Android Developer, codehouse five
I was so appaled at the UX for signing up that I wrote a Medium post about it I'll have to check out the new version and see if they fixed it somehow.
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
@antonis_tsagari I just read it and I started to sweat just reading it 😅👏
Ben TossellHunterPro@bentossell · newCo
What's New: The 6.0 update, published Wednesday in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, includes an overall refresh to the app’s look and feel along with two key enhancements: a new section that shows similar videos you may like to watch; and new options for user profile pages, including the ability to post a video instead of a photo
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Looks like the official account retweeted @GaryVee's tweet, essentially confirming the Wall Street Journal article. Congrats to the team on the acquisition 👏👏
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
P.S. Bytedance, the Chinese news site (maker of Toutiao) that acquired, is the same company that acquired Flipagram in January of 2017
Lyondhur@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
1$B.. that’s not sane. :o
Sean Hyland@seankillstime · Indie Game Designer/VR Designer
@lyondhur Yeah, that is way too much for this company
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
@lyondhur @seankillstime hey you never know.
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
Um, how can you say/claim this as the first line in your Play Store description? " is the world’s largest creative platform" What about YouTube?