Startup Graveyard is a collection of well-loved startups and products that no longer exist such as Homejoy, Grooveshark, and Secret. Come pay your respect and RIP.

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Very unique & thoughtful hunt. The fact that this doesn't have more upvotes makes me question the entrepreneurial pool wandering Product Hunt Edit: I spoke too soon. Trust reinstated
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I like the icons. "The founders became attached to the product and let bias get in the way of pivoting."
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@lastbestmatt lol that's a good one πŸ€—
It's not the first time a resource of companies which failed but it's one of the best. I really like the fact that you share the reasons of failure πŸ‘
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This is awesome - hopefully more data will be added over time to increase it's value. I specifically enjoy the "History of User Experience" section. As a first time founder, I am constantly measuring my product's look / feel against the successful (read: still alive) companies in my space. It's great to be reminded that we all start somewhere, and that things weren't always as polished as they are today.
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Helpful site, but aren't there already 3 or 4 of these out there?, Collapsed, DeathWatch...
@evankimbrell Well perhaps we'll get to see who makes the cut and ends up in the graveyard
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