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April 25th, 2022

5 recent products to add to your Notion arsenal

Historically speaking, Notion is our most searched keyword. It doesn’t take much to realize how many of you love this productivity app. When the team launched its Template Gallery in 2019 and opened the door for makers to build and showcase their own templates, no-code lovers went nuts.

We’re lucky to continue seeing makers build great tools using Notion. We’ve rounded up some of the more recent launches you should check out if you’re a fan or are looking to bring some organization to your life.

The Notion Automation Hub has over 100 pre-built automations for the most common use cases and workflows people use Notion for. These templates will show you how to transfer data from apps to Notion and create triggered automations.

Some cool automations this bundle contains: enter a LinkedIn people search and scrape all the results into a Notion database or automatically open your next meeting on Google Calendar with Notion notes when the meeting is about to start.

Notion Freelancer OS works like an operating system that helps you manage your freelance business in Notion. It lets you visualize each aspect of the projects you’re working on: timeline, tasks, meetings, and progress. You can also set up a client pipeline using the provided CRM, which syncs to your existing projects.

Notion Website Suite’s template helps you create and publish your own no-code website using more than 100 component blocks. This can be used as your portfolio or as a blogging page.

Notion Pack for Product Managers contains templates for daily standups, agile retrospectives, a 1:1 meeting planner, and a space to keep track of objectives and key results. These templates also come with widgets to increase your productivity, like a Pomodoro timer and a Spotify focus playlist.

Notion Personal Finance Dashboard allows you to log expenses and income, set budget goals you want to meet, analyze your spending status and top expenses, and break it all down by category.
See other Notion-related launches
  • Earth Reviews is one of those things that makes you go “I love the Internet.” The website showcases reviews for… stuff on Earth. Sliced bread gets 4.6/5, while queues get 1.5/5.

  • Layer lets you share parts of your spreadsheet, collect and consolidate data, and review changes.

  • Infinite allows you to embed interactive shoppable live streams into web and mobile online eCommerce platforms.

  • Showwcase 2.0 is a professional network for coders looking to find like-minded people, present their work, and find new opportunities.

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