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2022 has been a challenging year, to say the least. This, in part, played a role in derailing climate progress. A recent UN climate report found we’re “on a pathway to global warming of more than double the 1.5-degree (C, or 2.7-degrees F) limit that was agreed in Paris in 2015.”

We like to be cautiously optimistic about the future, but when things are not looking too bright, it’s important to reflect, assess what went wrong, and consider how the world is working towards a solution. Earth Day is an opportunity to highlight makers who are building paths to a greener future.

Last week we spoke about Stripe’s new initiative, Frontier, to purchase $925M worth of carbon removal, and Climeworks, which uses direct air capture technology to capture carbon dioxide on a filter.

The Pledge to Fix is working to grow the Circular Economy, asking individuals and companies to make a pledge to fix a product the next time it breaks instead of throwing it away, as well as opt for refurbished items. While there’s no doubt we need governmental agencies and large corporations to step up, initiatives like this offer us a way to work together towards reducing our footprint.

If you want to do more, also in the circular shopping space, Changing Room recently launched Eco-Index so users can evaluate the environmental and social impact of the products they’re shopping for. The browser extension shows real-time, lower-impact alternatives.

Verdoo is a browser extension that allows online buyers to offset their carbon footprint for free. Every time you make an online purchase, the Verdoo team plants at least one tree.

Do you know any GreenTech products you’d like to share with the community?

  • Riverside has partnered with Anchor by Spotify to offer creators an easier way to record, edit, and distribute high-quality video podcasts to millions.

  • Homescreen is a newsletter by Launch House that covers Twitter drama, term sheets, tech news, and resources.

  • Roots offers immersive soundscapes, guided outdoor experiences, and unique meditations to mindfully connect you to nature.

  • Column is a founder and employee-owned, bootstrapped, and profitable chartered bank for developers.


Carl Pei, launched Nothing Ear (1) last year, aiming to “bring back optimism and make tech feel exciting again.” The team is planning on launching its first phone this summer and many are watching to see how the former OnePlus co-founder can challenge Apple, Samsung, and Google.

We're teaming up with Nothing, a Hyper company, to let you know about its latest crowdfund. If you’re an accredited investor from the US, you can be a part of its new round, but move quickly because the opportunity ends today at 11:59pm EST. More details here.

*Investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment, and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.

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