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Introducing: Product Hunt x Web3

gm, friends.

On Thursday, we announced the launch of our Web3 feed – a place where you can discover the latest Web3 projects and learn the ins and outs of this new era of the Internet.

Nearly 6,000 Web3 projects have launched on Product Hunt, 35,000 of you are already following the crypto topic, and Web3-related keyword searches make up over 32% of the top 8 most searched terms — we took the hint.

The idea for the feed came about during one of our annual internal hackathons, when Web3 engineer, Tim Carambat, proposed building a central hub for Web3 enthusiasts that not only allows them to discover new projects but also gives makers a way to reach new audiences.

In its current format, the feed allows you to browse through projects, filtering by the category they fit in – DAO, DApp, DeFi, or by the blockchain they’ve been built on. We designed the feed while keeping in mind the particularities of Web3 projects. The embedded Twitter follower count may, for instance, help you better understand the hype and community behind a launch.

The Web3 space can be confusing and it’s hard to know where to start. We get that and we’re with you. That’s why we’ve also partnered with experts, like David Phelps and Linda Xie, to help shed some light on Web3 concepts. Whether you still don't understand NFTs or you’re ready to dive into more advanced topics, we’ve curated a collection of resources ranging from understanding the uses cases of NFTs to deeper dives into the economics of them.

We’ve still got a lot planned and we hope this initiative encourages more of you to launch. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure to drop us your feedback!

  • Eccco creates a space for any link on the Internet and lets you add and see comments for that content.

  • Elon Mars is a JavaScript-based video game where Musk is on Mars and the goal is to collect as many $DOGE as possible while fighting Jeff Bezos as an enemy.

  • Death Convo Game wants to make talking about death less taboo. You answer daily questions on the subject with friends and family.

  • 3D Bay for Canva offers royalty-free illustrations for topics like crypto, NFTs, climate change, and AR/VR, as a Canva plug-in.

Our new Web3 feed
Eco-Index by Changing Room is a Honey-like extension that shows you the sustainability rating of clothing products and brands based on environmental and social factors, suggesting lower-impact alternatives.
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