Maze 2.0 is here 🎉
Maze is a user testing and usability research platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process. Works with InVision, Marvel & Sketch prototypes!
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Probably one of the most game changing product in the field of design since Sketch! Great execution 👌
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@gillesbertaux Thanks so much 🙌
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Hey everyone! Jonathan from Maze here 👋 Last week, on March 7th, Maze marked its first ever anniversary. One year ago, Maze 1.0 was first hunted on Product Hunt. So much has happened in the past twelve months but our main goal remains the same: making user testing easy and available to everyone. That’s what Maze 2.0 is all about. With tester credits, unlimited collaborators, and an instantly generated report with all your learnings, Maze is now able to deliver on that promise better than ever. We believe that design should be tested and validated long before going into development, and that data should be at the center of any design debate. From freelance designers to digital agencies and enterprise teams—we have amazing customers that run user testing on Maze every day. We want Maze to grow into the go-to research platform that helps you test and iterate on designs until proven. Coming up: - Rich testing: ask questions, ratings, SUS and much more during the Maze process - Multiple paths: create multiple success paths for your missions - Custom report: choose how you want data to be displayed before sharing your report - New prototyping tools integrations 👀 And much, much more. Check out the link above for details about Maze 2.0 and what’s coming next. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Thank you!
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@widawskij congrats Jonathan, Maze keeps growing!
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@widawskij it's johnathan! love Maze so much and nice to put a face to the name!! keep it up man :D
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haha thanks so much @jenise_thompson !
Amazing product that helps a lot getting user feedback!
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@widawskij Keep up the good work guys!
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The new landing looks absolutely stunning! When is the survey feature coming up? We’d love to have a unified experience to do our testing & research.
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Hey there @emmanuelnataf, glad you like it! We're actively working on rich testing right now, with an ETA around May :)
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Maze is absolutely essential! Easy to use, more and more powerful to test your flows and validate your hypotheses. In my opinion, this is the best tool on the market for user testing.


Extremely intuitive and highly useful!



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