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February 13th, 2022

6 unique things to do this Valentine's day

Even if your country celebrates Valentine’s Day, today is a divisive day for many people. We get that. Maybe it serves as an unwelcome reminder. We know how many emails are in your inbox right now with last-minute Valentine’s Day offers, too. Of course, we do love a good product discount, but they don’t always set the right mood.

That’s why we love projects that enable you to do something truly thoughtful for someone else, even if that’s a stranger.

HeartMail is giving you the tools to send a Valentine’s Day letter to other internet humans today. You can choose from a shortlist of interests too if, for instance, you want to include your favorite uplifting quote for another movie-lover out there.

We also rounded up a few more unique options for quashing loneliness with loving vibes today.

Koya: Send thoughtful, timely messages and micro-gifts
Okel: Connect with people over meals at local restaurants
HeyBuddy: Find a buddy to train and exercise with
Thousand Face Club: Creators, find peers and seek mentorship
Daffy: Choose from 1.5M+ charities and contribute cash, stock, or crypto

And for those of you looking for a last-minute gift for your crush or significant other, Poolsuite just launched Suities. Tell them you want to HODL forever with a virtual playlist.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best community on the interwebs. You’re ameowzing and we truly love you.

Send or receive a letter

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Maker Andrei Nedelcu decided to put a competitive spin on it. You can play individually, as part of a team, or compete against other countries. No need to unplug your WiFi.

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  • Sometimes life gets in the way. go-catchup reminds you to regularly check in with your friends using its Google Calendar integration.

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