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February 8th, 2022

The app for grandma

Longevity goes hand in hand with fantasy and science fiction in entertainment, though it’s not all make-believe. You’ll find tech startups in this space working to hack human biology. Case in point, Altos Labs, a biotech company focused on cellular rejuvenation programming that Jeff Bezos reportedly invests in.

Hearts Radiant is in the longevity tech business but its app, Rosita, is centered around practical methods to help people extend their lives, and perhaps more importantly, enjoy that extra time.

Co-founder Clara Fernández Porta introduced Rosita to the community along with her co-founder (and husband) Juan Cartagena, and CTO David Gil. Fernández Porta is also the founder of a “longevity school” or “longevity summer camp” at Balneario de Cofrentes in Spain. The school has developed a comprehensive approach to education for seniors that looks at their lifestyle, prevention of diseases, and the newest scientific discoveries in the field.

For these founders, longevity is not just about fitness. Cartagena told TechCrunch that fitness is “limited in scope. And we are trying to go beyond that — it’s just the starting point [for reducing frailty].”

The Rosita app includes tests, over 10 daily live sessions with healthcare specialists, and 600+ hours of fun content and chat groups with top longevity experts. Users can learn about topics from biology to pharmacogenetics, and participate in things like metabolic boot camps.

The launch comes timed with the app’s US launch and a second seed round. The first funding was used to develop a personalized AI coach and conduct research into whether coaching can yield tangible reductions in frailty through a digital experience. The app currently has around 2,000 “very active” users.

Rosita is interesting because of its focus on enjoying that last inning of life. This writer can’t be the only one who’s heard their aging parents say “I hope I don’t live THAT long.”

“Life expectancy (LE) in Western Countries is 85, but healthy life expectancy (HLE) is only 65. Our loved ones live 20 years with pain or a disease that could be prevented in most of the cases,” Fernández Porta explains. And Rosita’s 10-year longevity plan isn’t about just living longer, but reaching “the top Range of Excellence.”

The team is offering a 50% discount, so now is the time to try the app or pass it on to a senior in your life.

To healthy longevity

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