Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 28th, 2016

Here's what Uber looked like in 2009 👶
Startup Timelines 🦄
All startups start somewhere. In the Web 1.0 days the cliché origin story began in a garage. These days, dorms rooms, coffee shops, and coworking spaces are brewing the next unicorns. 🦄

These sites take you through Uber, Airbnb, Product Hunt, and your favorite startup's earliest days:

• UX Timeline shows you how today's best companies evolved over time
The (humble) Beginnings of famous companies will inspire you
• Startup Timelines collections the front pages of famous startups
• Tline has interactive timelines of well-known companies
• Speed of a Unicorn shows you how long it took startups to 🦄💰
• Great Apps Timeline shows you how popular apps evolved over time

For more, check out the Startup Timelines collection on Product Hunt.
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