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Love the idea. I was hoping to see pictures of early UI, Icons, funding rounds, timelines - that sort of stuff. But I appreciate it's hard to get hold of that unless you actually work there. Hoping this takes off and you can crowdsource some assets.
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@asenapaty Thanks for the kind words. I thought of adding the funding rounds and some fun anecdotes from their early days, but as you said, it was proven hard to collate them. Would see if I could source some more info in some way in the future :)
@asenapaty The Great Apps Timeline does a great job of this. Would be cool if there was a crowdsourced way to create a startup timeline for more companies/products.
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@binoyxj Thanks. Have been looking through it. Will update the site with some info once I could source some data for the companies. Don't want to be incomplete.
@rrhoover @asenapaty That's a neat idea!
This is very cool, especially for folks who weren't tuned in to the tech scene at the time.
@donte_ll Thank you :)
Yes I was hoping for a timeline with early UI/UX, investments, growth, etc... Thoughts of pivoting and key his would be great as well. Please relaunch when you have more info!
@marcus_davenport Definitely would!
It really puts in perspective how scrappy an MVP can be. Note to all startup founders out there, everyone starts somewhere 😊
@arasheedphoto I cannot agree more. Most of these now famous companies weren't welcomed with open hands during their initial days, and they weren't the first to do what they did. Also, it's interesting to see how most of these websites were labeled as useless, duplicate etc. by major publishers.
Very cute lil' ditty, @avinoth