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How the frontpages of famous startups changed over time

#4 Product of the DayApril 27, 2015
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It's amazing to see how the frontpages of famous companies changed over time. Product Hunt is also shown here - bit "boring" so far :) I am excited to see how we will change over time in the next years :)
Can't wait to share the next iteration 😃
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Hey guys, Thanks for including me in today's product discussion! I made this project because I have always been passionate about the Internet Archive and have found the evolution of different startups overtime to be super interesting. If you found it to be valuable at all, please consider donating to the Internet Archive: I also created a Google Form, so if you're interested, enter your email here to get notified when new Startup Timelines are posted: (I wanted to include an email signup somewhere on the homepage, but conversions aside, didn't want to take away from the product experience) I also thought it'd be a good idea to open source the background research I used here: I'd love to take any questions/requests you guys might have! :)
@bakztfuture This is a super cool product. So simple, and definitely a way for people to see an evolution of design and layout. I'd love to see more companies added, like Facebook, Mattermark, Lyft, Instagram, and definitely BuzzFeed. Those I think would all make for great evolutionary studies.
Awesome idea! One nice tweak would be to only animate the gif's on hover, like how does it. That way I'm not distracted by others and I can view one at a time from start to finish.
@bradenhamm This is a great idea. I'd also love if there were a static version on a timeline that mapped to important milestones. then we'd be able to see what facilitated the changes on the homepage.
Love it. It's great to see the invaluable Internet Archive data in an easier to digest format. Also, kudos on calling for donations to Internet Archive and sharing your background research :)
@oznazilli Thanks! Super excited to support the cause
I'd love to see reddit on there. I suspect it would be similar to Product Hunt -- Just a few slight changes each time!