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December 28th, 2021

2021’s most upvoted products, Volume III

We’re counting down the most upvoted products of the year. Unfortunately, one sleepy kitty put the wrong links in yesterday’s Daily Digest, so we’ll start by recapping yesterday’s five.

20. Integrately helps non-techies integrate their apps
19. Mobile Chat Kit is a UI and SDK kit for building in-app chats
18. Zodier is a dating chatbot for popular messengers
17. Audiblogs lets you listen to articles in your podcast player
16. Doodle Ipsum generates placeholder illustrations for your site

15. SavvyCal is a scheduling tool that makes it easy for both parties to find the best time to meet, without the awkwardness.

“You know it's a good product that when you send someone an invite [and] they mention how good it was and that they are going to give it a go!” Simon Bennett

14. Veganzone is a mobile app where people can meet and share their common values, socialize over their events, and purchase vegan products.

"This application is well built for communities! Loving the social network kinda look. Congrats on the design!” Owen Chandler

13. Scribe lets you automatically create step-by-step, detailed guides with screenshots for any process.

"Love it! As a part of a large tech support team, I can appreciate how Scribe makes it easy for the entire team to follow the documentation and procedures identically."Tanja A

12. tl;dv helps you catch up on your meetings with linked meeting minutes, contextualized takeaways, and CRM integrations.

“This is so needed. So much time at work is wasted on meetings you just don't necessarily need to attend/that I would much rather rewatch later.” Mehdi Benbrahim

11. OpenVC lets you browse 2,200+ funds by investment criteria. In return, VCs receive less spam and more qualified deal flow.

"Finally! This database was needed many years ago. Thanks a lot for making the VC world a bit more open!” Tony Urban

Tomorrow, we’ll kick off the top 10 most upvoted products of 2021. Can you guess who made the cut?

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It's time for one of our favorite holiday traditions — giving props to the people who slayed this year. As Sharath Kuruganty, Community Programs Manager, put it:

"2021 has been one helluva year. We couldn't have made it without the support and love from you and our incredible community. We deeply thank you for that.

'Tis the season of giving thanks and showing our gratitude so we are bringing back Shout-Outs, a celebration of all the people and products that made 2021 awesome."

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