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Something's stirring...

And we're not talking about a Christmas mouse. Or Jack Dorsey stirring the web3 pot.😼

We're talking about the Golden Kitty Awards!

We’ve been cooking up the Golden Kitty Awards 2021 and you’re going to love what’s on for this year.

New here? The Awards are an annual celebration of the year’s new products and the makers behind them! They’re a really big deal. Nominees go down in history with winners like Robinhood, Figma, and Notion, oh my. And the best part? You’ll help pick the winners across categories from AI to No Code.

This year’s ceremony and celebration are going digital again, but don’t worry about one of those stuffy, snoozy streams. We're planning a lot to celebrate 2021 right (think less "agenda items" and more metaverse).

To make sure you take advantage of your chance to vote, and to be the first to get the details on the event, sign up for notifications right meow.

Lets go!
Ever have your computer annoyingly time out on you while you're in the middle of something? Maker Vlad Samonin created this tool that allows you to simulate real mouse movements on your Windows PC so you can "stay active" when you need to. He provided the source code, too.
To the Ultimate Mouse Mover
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Wishing a very Meowy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! We're so thankful for you and everything you made, hunted, and supported this year. 😸