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June 28th, 2021

Webflow + Memberstack + Stripe
Do it all without code

We've been talking about “no-code” for a while now. Lately the term can feel like an umbrella that encompasses a whole lot. Our take is that makers are regularly pushing “the limits” of the space. A few new launches demonstrate recent growth.

Today, the team at Glide presented an overhaul to their app builder. Glide 1.0 launched two years ago for creating mobile apps from Google Sheets. With the update, users no longer have to use Sheets. Glide has its own built-in function, Glide Tables, that makes your potential app more scalable. Add features like collaboration tools and action sequences, and you have a quick way to create an app, now with even more power.

Also unsatisfied with leaving makers to string together no-code tools, Noloco launched last week, hyping their tool as a “complete no-code solution for the next generation.” Noloco’s approach to end-to-end app development includes features like a built-in database, design customization, and subscriptions. The last point is one of the main ways Noloco hopes to differentiate itself from Webflow. As one user puts it:

“It's like Webflow + Memberstack + Jetboost + Stripe all in one.” - BD Hoang

Despite the potential of a great all-in-one tool, it’s not uncommon to hear makers say they started with no-code tools until they scaled. In February, we watched the launch of Uiflow Studio, a tool for developers to build UIs and web app logic visually. The company told TechCrunch that its targeting companies at the point in which they begin designing their own UI. Designers can import Figma files, with all visual assets becoming ready-to-use custom components.

“Uiflow also brings enterprise scalability, performance, collaboration, and integrations with lots of APIs and Data Stores. That differentiates us from single-user focused no-code platforms.”

Co-founder Sol Eun also told the Product Hunt Community that Uiflow was heavily inspired by Unity, the game engine, to enable rapid productivity by building both client-side logic and UI/UX visually.

Uiflow gained over 1,200 signs ups after its Product Hunt launch. We’re thrilled to see these new tools gain traction among community favorites. 🙌

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