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May 19th, 2021

Project management for X
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Artists love to sing about white blank pages full of possibility. For riding off into the sunset or starting a relationship, they're cool. When you’re starting a new project, “overwhelmed” may actually be the dominant feeling.

The makers at picked up on that. One of the key goals of their latest Work OS management platform is to provide premade solutions that are tailored to support your team and project needs. You can start from scratch, or create your ideal workflow. To start the makers produced 200+ templates based on how real teams manage their projects.

Beyond templates,’s been expanding its Apps Marketplace, giving thought to the tools specific teams need to power their projects. Marketers may look to connect LinkedIn, Eventbrite, or Jotform, Devs can integrate with Github or Jira, and Sales will probably head straight for Salesforce and Slack.

By using integrations and automations, teams can create a centralized hub for all their activity, and combine data and information with new features that drive productivity including:
  • Gantt charts
  • Kanbans
  • Email to platform contributing
  • Quote generators

Dead set on leaning into specific spaces for teams, the makers at also introduced Workspaces to allow teams to create segregation within your company’s account. That means that teams can focus on their workflows without the clutter and distraction, but still retain connection to other departments where it counts.

Some of the Product Hunt community chimed in during the 2.0 launch to share their experiences:

“We had hundreds, no, thousands of parts to the project that needed taking care of over the past few months, and made keeping track of them super-easy. Excited to see the platform evolving!” - Nick Smith

“I've spent some time on Airtable and others, and found to be more intuitive” - Michael Cipriano offers a free trial so if you’re the type that gets excited by making test Gantt charts and watching your automations populate (kindred souls), you can give it a go by clicking below.
D2C company Rothy's is known for its sustainable style, like women’s ballet flats made of recycled plastic bottles.

Today the company launched its first men's shoes, expanding into the category with a Driving Loafer and the RS01 Sneaker, available in the U.S., Canada, and China.

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