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February 28th, 2021

January's Maker Grant recipients are...
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Join us today in celebrating our inaugural Maker Grant recipients: Kyleigh Smith of Hey It's Harold, Danny Postmaa of Pages by Headlime, and Derrick Reimer of SavvyCal.

These three makers inspired us through their creativity, determination, and commitment to follow their own paths in building their products. We’ll be sharing their individual stories on our blog throughout the week, so you can read in their own words the journey they have each been on.

"I’ve always looked up to all the makers in the Product Hunt community, so to launch a product of my own on PH in January was a dream come true. To now receive one of the first Maker Grants for that work is really beyond belief. I’m honored to be one of the first Maker Grant recipients and am excited to use this opportunity to continue my maker journey and empower others to become makers as well." - Kyleigh

"Amazing program, especially for starting indie hackers for whom this could go a long way. - Danny

"I'm honored to receive one of the first Product Hunt Maker Grants! Especially for makers not on the traditional venture capital track, every dollar counts. Thank you Product Hunt for investing in the community!" - Derrick

We are also excited to share the next three Maker Grant recipients from February very soon. We've been reviewing your nominations all weekend, thank you to everyone who has taken part.

Stay tuned for more Maker Grant recipient news dropping later in the week. 👀
A dose of fun this Monday morning.

Serial maker and designer Pablo Stanley is serving up monthly designer horoscopes.

What does yours say?

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