Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 27th, 2018

NEW Personal CRM, just for you πŸ”–
⚑ New personal crm ⚑
"When everyone jumps jobs every 18 months, you need your own CRM." – Josh Constantine, Editor at TechCrunch

Journalists, VCs, founders... everybody is looking for a magic tool to help manage friendships, acquaintances, and coffee chats. β˜•

We found it. We've partnered with UpHabit to give you early access to their relationship manager for your personal and professional network.

πŸ”– Import your contacts automatically from Gmail and Outlook
⏰ Set powerful reminders to follow up with your favorite people
πŸ“ Take notes so you don't forget their favorite coffee shop

Anybody can be a future cofounder, investor, and friend. UpHabit actually lets you keep in touch, without eating up your weekends.


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