Howdy, PH! Excited to introduce you to Logo, the latest from ShapeFactory. There's plenty of logo builders out there. None quite like this one. We drastically simplified the flow behind creating a logo and built in some intelligence to ensure every output is beautiful. We hope this tool enables a whole new set of builders and makers.

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If you are willing to use one of these logos to run a business, then you deserve no success. If you don't value your image, why should anyone else other trust you?


Easy and cheap


Logos are crap

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Hopefully, you gave the product a chance and checked it out at least. We find that the folks who really benefit from a product like this have no branding whatsoever for their new venture and often zero resources to get something going. It has little to do with not valuing their own image, quite the opposite in fact. Providing them a nice simple logo elevates their young company appearance, sets them up for success down the road as their branding evolves, and enables them to focus on the aspects of their business they can control. We definitely appreciate your passion here and we understand logo design is a contentious issue for some people. Please know we respect the craft and are simply looking to help empower people to get their ideas off the ground.
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Wow! Where in the world was this all these days? Amazingly simple way to create a logo. Kudos to everyone behind the project. @andrewdumont Btw, how does the “Copyright Ownership” that’s included with the kit work? I saw a very similar logo to that of The Verge, wouldn’t that cause a problem later on?
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Awesome for people starting a project with no design skills. UX is great, congrats 👏
The service seems to be terrific! I will definitely use it for inspiration while working on a new logo
I'm a graphic designer who's made a bunch of logos, so of course I hated this idea. But when I think about it, the logos created with this tool would be better than 80-90% of the logos out there. I don't think these logos would work for the long haul, they'll get dated pretty fast. But for someone starting out, who's low on funds, this isn't a bad way to go. Nothing replaces a unique logo from an experienced designer, though.
@jbatutis We couldn't agree more. Logo wasn't created to replace a designer or design agency, it's to help the majority that can't afford a professional logo or want to create something quickly that looks great.