Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 13th, 2017

Developers' secrets revealed! 💻🔥
Revealed: Command-Line Apps
Command Line Interface: The black screen people of code use to interact with their laptop, for work stuff. Developers, we're onto you.

All this time developers have been secretly using advanced CLI technology to play with their favorite apps in the middle of work, without their boss knowing. Here's what we've definitively found:

💻 Medium CLI lets developers secretly read Medium articles
⚡️ This clever thing is a command-line power tool for Twitter
🎶 Developers can also access all the world's songs in their terminal
🌐 You-Get is a Command-line utility to download media content
😻 There’s even a way to browse Product Hunt via command line!

There's much more. Sindre created a Command-Line Tools collection that includes a supercharged GitHub integration, a way to search Wikipedia, and a beautiful interface for Slack. Check it out.
Marketing Tools for Startups: A collection of resources and tools that will help your marketing team on any (mostly free) budget. 🙌
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