Medium CLI

A command line Interface for reading Medium stories

#2 Product of the DayMay 16, 2016
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Now you can read Medium without your boss/teacher knowing. 😁 Oh, and you can also browse Product Hunt secretly with Phunt.
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@rrhoover true that 😁
@rrhoover is there a command line browser? I would love an all text interface with links to things that need photos. But a pure text based experience would be nice.
@rrhoover One less reason to leave the command line. I like it.
Love how this is tagged "Productivity"… 😏
Hey, awesome people! Presenting a command line interface for medium - "Medium CLI" to you! "Medium CLI" is for Hackers who do not want to leave their terminal to read awesome stories from It gives you a list of top stories to pick and read it within your console. Also, it allows you to read any other article from medium other than top stories. And of course, it is Open-source :) Appreciate any suggestions, comments or enhancements.
@dheerajhere is should ASCII-ify the images.
@chrismessina that would be awesome. Let me try that out.
@dheerajhere can I read stories related to my niche or search for stories I like? Also what about writing articles or commenting and recommending stories
@basictechy Now you can filter stories by Tags & Author and also read the trending ones.
Text to images, images to text... the cycle continues
Neither Medium or Product Hunt are a waste of time by a longshot---people are learning and engaging. I'd have no problem with my employees reading either. This is a great way to take a break while working!