Command-line utility to download media contents from the web

#2 Product of the DayApril 09, 2016
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What it can do: Download videos / audios from popular websites such as YouTube, Youku, Niconico, and a bunch more. Stream an online video in your media player. No web browser, no more ads. Download images (of interest) by scraping a web page. Download arbitrary non-HTML contents, i.e., binary files. The legal aspect is mentioned on the site and says: In case your use of the software forms the basis of copyright infringement, or you use the software for any other illegal purposes, the authors cannot take any responsibility for you. We only ship the code here, and how you are going to use it is left to your own discretion.
@bentossell awesome. Definitely gonna give it a try
@bentossell I wonder, How do you find such awesome product!!!
This is really clever. Also, much faster than Right click... inspect... find the media file... save as. We have something sort of like this internally for Product Hunt (the suggested images/media when you hunt something).
@mscccc you should release that internal tool to meeeeeee!!! I NEED IT SO BAD!!!! Also, try for a browser-based solution for downloading videos.
@chrismessina 😎 I guess we should open source it!!
@chrismessina @mscccc the service which is a cloud torrent/storage site also rips from media sources.
I have always wanted to build and use something like this.
this is awesome, definitely going to use instead of my go-to yt-dl / ffmpeg script. 2 features I don't see listed I would love added: * downloading entire playlists from youtube (I have any API key that can grab them all, but I'd rather stay in bash if possible) * normalizing audio to a certain baseline so that multiple videos downloaded can be used without having to constantly adjust volume. thanks for making this!