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March 29th, 2017

Siri has a new competitor!
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Samsung just showed the world what the future of smartphones will look like. The Galaxy S8 has no physical home button, headphone jack tech, and a stunning new infinity display that stretches edge to edge.

The Galaxy S8 also includes advanced selfie technology for unlocking your phone (i.e. an iris scanner), a fingerprint scanner on the back, a software-based home button under the screen, and a dedicated side button for Bixby — Samsung's new Siri competitor.

Bixby is better than Siri. It understands context, so you can say "capture this" to take a screenshot, or ask it to show you all your photos taken in London. It also uses Pinterest's visual search to recognize objects around you. Simply point your camera at a nearby monument or restaurant to learn more.

For iPhone users this means one of two things: 1) Time to switch to Android, or 2) The next iPhone will look radically different than what it is today (and likely similar to what Samsung showed at their event).
Congress just killed our Internet privacy protections, so the future of online privacy is now in Trump's hands. You should really start using one of these VPNs.
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