VanMoof Electrified S

An electric bike that looks and feels nothing like one

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Hi from Amsterdam! πŸ‘‹ We're excited to be on Product Hunt today and share our futuristic bike with you. The bike is fully integrated from end-to-end, as we design the majority of our parts ourselves – which means that nobody except you knows you're riding an electric bike. 🚴 It's full of smart technology, including GSM tracking, which we can use to hunt the bike down if it gets stolen –we've had great success with this, and even managed to bust a bike-thief ring here in Europe: The Electrified (and the non-motored SmartBike) have a companion app too, which verifies it's you as you approach the bike, so you can unlock your lock with the touch of a finger on the dashboard. There's a lot of other cool features, like a parking pin so you never forget where you left your bike too – and we've got some exciting ideas in the pipeline. My favorite thing is the secret boost button on the handlebars that throws you up to full speed for taking off from intersections faster! I was an electric bike skeptic for a long time, but riding this thing in New York was the 'aha' moment for me - biking from Brooklyn to Manhattan daily for two weeks was actually do-able and fun, even on hot days. The bike finally came out of pre-order phase recently, so you can order one and get it within a week. The Verge did a review of the Electrified, calling it the "Tesla of bikes" in case you're wondering what it's like to ride: Without nerding out too much, the team designed the Electrified S to be the ultimate city bike, to get you from A-to-B without any hassle – and to reduce cars on the road at the same time. Every decision we make is super focused on this, and we don't add bells and whistles we know you wouldn't need. Anyway, cool to share this here, and our team is happy to answer any questions you might have! I've learnt a scary amount about bikes in the last year. :)
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Want to sell more bikes? Show a demo of this cruising up Filbert Street in San Francisco πŸ˜…
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@chadwhitaker Or riding up the world's steepest street, conveniently located in @ow's homeland: πŸ“πŸš²
@chadwhitaker Yeah I live at the top of 28th and the only thing that I've found that'll do it under $5k is a
@chadwhitaker just found/hunted an electric bike that mashes hills in SF, you might be into it:
I've yet to try an electric bike, so I haven't got to that "aha!" moment for these, but in terms of beauty, simplicity and functionality, the Van Moof team seem to be nailing it. I'd definitely like to give one of these a go, and can see them as super useful for longer commutes. My personal hope is that many cities become more bicycle focussed and less car focussed. London for example, I'd love to see it transformed into a bikers paradise. There's progress being made, but hopefully with innovations like this it'll help chip away at the idea that we should be driving around cities.
@fredrivett Heck yeah! If you're ever in New York, swing by our store and we'll get you set up for a test ride.
@ow Sweet! Will definitely take you up on that next time I'm over πŸ‘Œ
I have a black Electrified S for 6 months after selling my car and it's my only "vehicle". Design is great, engine and electrical part also works good until now. It turns heads when I'm commuting. The price is fair considering what is offered. Just changed 2 things: pedals (plastic ones provided are not really good and bell. I would expect more updates to the app namely the ability to record milage/kilometres driven. Keep up the good work!
@leite_joaopedro thanks for your feedback, JoΓ£o! We're working really hard on the app and have some nice stuff coming up. It's still a new product and we're getting moving pretty quickly – trust me, we want to get updates out as fast as we can. Touch Unlock and parking location just shipped, and more to come soon. :)
@ow Hi Owen. Touch Unlock I'm already using. But parking location did not see anywhere. Coming on the next update?
@leite_joaopedro Ah yes - parking location is coming to iOS soon, we just launched it on Android.
Congrats with this beautiful, awesome product! πŸ‘ I hope many people in cities will say goodbye to their scooters.
@rygu thanks a ton, Rick!