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Dan Corkill
@buzzdan · Co-Founder, Follow Up Boss
I used this yesterday and learned that we suck at Facebook ads, need to follow Curaytor more :)
Jimmy Mackin
@jimmymackin · Partner at Curaytor
The inspiration for Grade My Ads came from our need to provide our clients with an easy way to analyze the performance of their Facebook ads and provide clear instructions on how they can improve them. With 100's of metrics to choose from, we decided to focus on the 4 metrics we felt were leading indicators of a high performing ad and a healthy ad account… See more
Sergey Pirogov
@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
Finally somebody made it. Thank you!
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
There are too many things that determine if an ad will be successful or not. I have run ads before that were draining money, pause the campaign. Then run the exact campaign a year later and it's surging. Many times it is beyond basic metrics, and it's timing. Also certain niches respond differently to different ads. (ex. Nurses need more emotional appealin… See more
Darren Moore
@darrenmoore488 · Co-Founder of QuickQuu and TweetPilot
Love the UI guys! Nice work 👍