Grade My Ads

Score your Facebook ads + improve them, in seconds.

Grade My Ads will score your Facebook ads + improve them, in seconds.

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I used this yesterday and learned that we suck at Facebook ads, need to follow Curaytor more :)
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The inspiration for Grade My Ads came from our need to provide our clients with an easy way to analyze the performance of their Facebook ads and provide clear instructions on how they can improve them. With 100's of metrics to choose from, we decided to focus on the 4 metrics we felt were leading indicators of a high performing ad and a healthy ad account. We based this decision on our experience running Facebook Ads for 6+ years and managing $5,000,000+ annually in ad spend for our clients. Our plans for the future are to use the data we collect to improve the algorithm and provide more context around ways you can improve your ads. We hope you enjoy the tool and above all, find it useful. H/T to the folks at @Hubspot and @LikeAlyzer for building super useful tools that helped inspire Grade My Ads.
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@jimmymackin Seems like a great lead generator for curaytor, but do you guys only work with real estate agents?
@chrisgscott Hey Chris, I'm a co-founder at Curaytor and a Maker of Grade My Ads. We are expanding our services at Curaytor this year and have started to work with gyms, attorneys, Doctors and a few more verticals. There is big demand for Facebook Ads, done right. Our SMB option should officially launch closer to Q3.
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Finally somebody made it. Thank you!
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@perpetuous you are welcome. Glad you liked it! We will keep making it more useful. 👊🏻
There are too many things that determine if an ad will be successful or not. I have run ads before that were draining money, pause the campaign. Then run the exact campaign a year later and it's surging. Many times it is beyond basic metrics, and it's timing. Also certain niches respond differently to different ads. (ex. Nurses need more emotional appealing text to convert. Developers need more logical text) I am not even going to get into images for the same niche and different age groups. I love the product. I don't like the idea for newbie founders and marketers that believe it is a one click fix for their ad campaign. Dope🚬
@dredurr You're right. There are many factors that go into a great campaign. We chose the 4 that were leading indicators based on our experience managing 25,000+ ad campaigns. We knew that we'd run the risk of oversimplifying a bit but we were willing to accept that. Thanks for the feedback
@dredurr We agree. No such thing as a one click fix for a campaign or an ad account! But there are certainly some best practices worth mimicking. Glad you liked it.
@chris_smth Now I get it! You were never planning on making GradeMyAd a flagship product. It is strictly for lead generation. Since that's the case it is very dope🚬🚬. Very clever idea. What are the 4 top metrics calculate for an ad campaigns grade?
@dredurr currently it is Cost Per Engagement, Relevancy Score, Budget Per Ad + Consistency of Ads published
Love the UI guys! Nice work 👍