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Illustrated summaries of bestselling nonfiction books

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Hello, kittens! If you're curious to learn more about what this thing is all about, I'd encourage you to check out a story I wrote about how we came up with the idea and what the product does: https://medium.com/@nbashaw/a-ne... If you want the TL;DR— • Books are awesome, but take a lot of time and energy • Social apps are less awesome, and make you feel kind of empty inside if you use them too much • Scrolling through a bunch of text gets boring pretty quickly unless the writer is amazing So, we created Hardbound! • We create 5-minute, illustrated stories based on bestselling nonfiction books (specifically focused on business, history, and science for now) • We use a unique, "tap story" format that combines photos, illustrations, animations, and text in a way your brain will love • Our team of writers and designers in New York crafts every story with a lot of TLC, and our goal is to be the opposite of the traditional dry, boring "book summary" genre If that sounds interesting, give our app a try! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... And definitely let me know if you have any feedback!
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@nbashaw Congrats on the relaunch! I tend to dislike reading book summaries (e.g. Blinkist) over the actual book as I believe you'll need to spend some time on a topic to really grasp it, but these stories seem like nice introductions. A quick way to get familiar with a topic and see if it's something you want to dive into deeper by buying the book. (which lets you make an affiliate commission) Smart approach! :)
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@nbashaw This is exactly what I've been wanting and exactly what I wanted Hardbound to be when I first saw it... But you've made it even better than that. This is seriously awesome. I cant even start bigging it up enough. I have so many books on my 'to-read' list, that I'd love to flick through 5 mins like I just did on Hardbound! Do you and the team condense the posts yourself? Also love the whole flow, and at the end the prompts to buy the book, discuss, share etc. So nice
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@marckohlbrugge thank you!! Glad you're liking it so far
@bentossell thanks! yep we do it ourselves - got a post on how that works coming soon :)
@nbashaw Congratulations on the launch! Love this idea. Any plans to import an amazon list? It would be awesome to get a gist before I decide what to buy. At the moment book recommendations from twitter end up in that list.
Android, we need.
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@juhslk i feel the pain of us not being on Android more and more every day! It will happen soon
@juhslk as soon as that happens, I'm there. Great product!
Love this product! Another great update by Nathan and team.
@conradd thanks so much!!
Just tried it - awesome - really love it. Great idea to pivot to books Quick note: I watch a ton of "edutainment" on youtube Videos about history mainly. The new version of hardbound reminds me a lot of those videos. Personally i like the narrater and the background music. They often also use animation to explain. Imo this format of (up to 10minutes) focused storytelling around one piece of content (eg book or historic context) is super useful. There might even be market space for a curated learning experience around this kind of crowd sourced content. The scope of hardbound might not be stories but byte sized contextualized learning. I love how you guys also provide context to the book - eg in the End of Power you explain Mark Zuckerberg + Clinton's interest in this book and why. Provides a lot of useful context and faster understanding of the main arguments of a book. Feedback: The hardest thing will be to get people like me into the habit - example: i just open youtube whenever i get bored. I wonder how much free content it takes to get me there. All the best for your launch of 3.0!
@andreasklinger Thanks so much! Totally agree that "edutainment youtube" is one of the main competitors. We think there's something special about our format and the consistency of our content, but totally understand about the challenge of building that habit. To me it comes down to always pushing the quality bar, and smartly re-engaging you in non-annoying ways. Definitely let me know how the first week goes!
@nbashaw maybe it's not your competitor but just the behaviour you productize in best/future case you maybe even source btw i stopped reading one story now b/c i cant listen to it next to working
@nbashaw love the idea and agree with @andreasklinger. I've been building edutainment videos even for long form web articles because people don't always have time to read those even though they're useful. I can see this working really well on snapchat. Great use of micro content 👍
Awesome work, and a really considered pivot which is great to see. Can definitely see this as the replacement of that old Amazon preview mode page peak thing... Part of the challenge with services like Audible or Kindle or... real books is that it's tough to get the value across before committing to a purchase. If i could read a couple of Hardbounds(?) for books i knew i could access on Audible, that would probably be enough to temp me into subscribing. Always loved the animation format too, much more engaging than the static Medium approach (though understandably higher maintenance) - but really looking forward to future versions with even more considered motion design, like so many of these high quality youtube channels. Almost like a lyric video (which admittedly i cant stand!) as part of the release of a new song, can see Hardbound becoming a really considered and high value part of a book launch strategy. Keep up the good work Nathan & Team!
@jamie_shoard thanks so much! definitely, part of our goal is to become a part of the standard book launch strategy :)