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December 4th, 2018

Tech to disrupt your acne
Get Proven

Yesterday, Y Combinator-backed Proven launched on Product Hunt with a big mission — give people good skin for life. 🕺

At its core, Proven's skincare products — which includes a daily cleanser, anti-pollution lotion, and night cream — are powered by data. The company personalizes each customer's products by evaluating over 27 factors, from your genetic background to your lifestyle to the level of pollution where you live.

Some initial reactions from the Product Hunt community:

“No more off-the-shelf skincare that was made with scale and profit as the main focus. Everyone's skin and lifestyle is different, so why should our skincare be the same? I definitely recommend it.” - Tyrel

“It’s the smartest skin care line I’ve ever found. Combining data, science, lifestyle and environmental factors. It’s a must try.” - Tashie

“It may be time to stop sneaking in my wife's skincare.” - Che Yu

We've already seen similar skincare startups like Curology ($18.8M raised), Dear Brightly and Hello Ava dip into custom skincare, with health and beauty startups on the rise writ large. 💅

Last week, hair-customization startup Prose raised $18M in fresh funding ($25M raised total). Earlier this year, L’Oréal acquired AR beauty startup ModiFace in an attempt to reach younger audiences.

Tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook also want a piece of the beauty pie:

🔎 Google’s search data helps brands understand beauty shopper's preferences

🗣 Amazon's Echo Look went all in on the “check out my fashion selfie" concept

💸 Instagram is investing in its popularity as a platform for beauty by monetizing its platform

As beauty and health startups continue to take flight within the tech industry, it's likely we'll see things get even more *personal.*

“I truly believe that personalization will be the future of all of consumer goods, not just in personal care but all things that touch our every day lives, because once you try personalized products and experience personalized service, there's no going back. So this is just the happy beginning” - Proven cofounder Ming Zhao

Pro tip: Prove is offering a $25 discount to Product Hunters to try out its skincare.


In today's episode of Product Hunt Radio, High Fidelity co-founder Philip Rosedale joins us to chat about:

🔮 The most advanced uses of VR today
🚌 How widespread adoption of VR will transform our lives
❓ Some of the philosophical questions around VR

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsors, GE Ventures, Rally Rd., and AngelList for their support. 😸

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