Personalized skincare based on 27 factors about you, your skin, & lifestyle.

Winner of MIT’s AI Technology of the Year award, Proven analyzed 4000 scientific papers & 20Mn skin reviews.

Your products are formulated by Stanford scientists & dermatologists.

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👐 So excited to share PROVEN with the PH community! 🍻 We are on a mission to bring data and technology to improve everyday lives for people - starting with giving folks good skin for life. 🕺 A bit about us: my cofounder, Amy, is a computational physicist from Stanford who held the world record for conducting largest computational simulation in science 🤓😎. I’m a business and startup jack-of-all-trades. We were united by our frustrations with our skin and with the skincare industry, and by a desire to use technology to improve skincare. A pet project of hers that used data to find the solution to her own skin issues turned into what we now call the Skin Genome Project, winner of MIT’s AI Technology of the year award for 2018, and the the underlying database that powers all of Proven’s products. Proven’s skin care products are: ✨Effective: Powered by data, the right ingredients are chosen for you out of 21,483 in our database, and formulated by Stanford skin scientists ❄️Personalized: Tailor-made for you based on more than 27 of your skin and life vitals ☔️ Safe. 100% clean and nontoxic ingredients. 🥧 Easy. No 19-step routines for good skin, everything you need is in a personalized, 3-step system. Checkout Proven's free personalized skin assessment, and try Proven with an exclusive PH perk. Just use the code PHVIP to check out with a discount. Feel free to ask me or our team with any questions!
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I've seen an influx of personalized health and beauty products lately. Is this inspired by advancements in tech or a behavior shift from consumers?
@rrhoover Thanks for your question and thanks for a great platform 😊! It's an interesting question, there does seem to be an influx of personalized products, especially in subcategories such as hair care. I would say that advancements in technology, consumer recognition of the benefits of tailored products and acceptance of the direct-to-consumer approach, along with advances in manufacturing/ supply chain consumer all contribute to the shift. The direct-to-consumer model, which cuts the middle dealer of retailers, allows brands to have direct interactions with consumers. And from there, a next logical step is to increase the level of direct interaction, from just tastes and decorative elements, to needs/ fundamentals/ underlying differentiators. So we have the grandfathers of D2C brands of Dollar Shave and Warby to thank for starting the fire. Another key shift is advancements in manufacturing and logistics. For us, as a small startup, with currently low order volumes yet ultra-high SKU numbers, we were nevertheless able to establish a partnership with a leading FDA-Accredited US laboratory to craft our formulations, something that just a few years ago, would have been unheard of for the industry, which thrives on volumes and uniformity. So I credit the entire eco-system advancing, and seeing the potential for personalization, for enabling the shift as well. I truly believe that personalization will be the future of all of consumer goods, not just in personal care but all things that touch our every day lives, because once you try personalized products and experience personalized service, there's no going back. So this is just the happy beginning ✨
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This is literally the most romantic anniversary present for my fiance that I could think of LOL.
@xepa777 Don't forget yourself - men's skin needs TLC too 😊
With a name like Proven, is there anything on your site that talks about the claims made in clear language? Phrases like "formulated to remove toxins" is off-putting, I don't know what that's supposed to actually mean.
@_taurean Thanks for your question Taurean - and glad you like our name! We're called PROVEN because our products are made after having analyzed 4,000 scientific journal articles about skin, and more than 20Million consumer reviews about skin products - we then worked with the head of dermatology at Stanford university to select ingredients and formulate the products based on who you are, your skin, your skin goals and location. Much of the scientific underpinnings for our ingredient selection is heavily technical, and hence we've tried to use as much plain and layman's language as we can in describing the products and what they do. Thanks for your feedback on this language, we can make them a bit more easy to understand as well.

This past year my skin is clearer, more balanced, and hydrated without being greasy, all from the nautural ingredients found in Proven. Try it and see for yourself.


As an early user of Proven, I've seen the results.